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Maintaining a JNE call center number is a must for all loyal users  . Today, the development of logistics delivery is beginning to develop. In addition, various services are beginning to emerge that provide convenience for the delivery of goods from one region to another. In fact, interstate highways can also be done easily and safely.

As a vast country, and having partitions between its regions, Indonesia needs a more efficient and effective delivery service. Without a provider of this service, delivery of the goods will be difficult.   Suppose Kamu wants to send goods to a family in Jakarta and Kamu is in Medan.

This delivery service feature makes the process easier. You don’t have to go directly to his place. Just go to the office of the delivery service provider and the goods will easily arrive at your destination safely. Usually, delivery of goods between cities requires delivery of at least 2-3 days.

By using forwarder services such as JNE, you can secure your products because they are also safely packed. Online business owners also use this shipping service in the process of trading goods to consumers. If you have any questions, you can contact the JNE call center number.

Learn about the history of JNE in Indonesia

As one of the providers of freight forwarding services, JNE has an interesting history to know.  JNE was born in 1990. Just on November 26, 1990, Sprap Sparno and his partner Johari Zane began to form the company.

Initially, the company was built with only eight employees and the initial capital was IDR 100 billion. At the time of its establishment, JNE only provided services to carry out the import and export process of goods, such as sending and receiving goods and letters from overseas to Indonesia and vice versa.

At the beginning of development, it was from JNE to PT. The Tiki Nugraha Ekacreel line spread its wings to the international scene. One of his accomplishments was his participation in an Asian country called ACCA (Association Courier Conference of Asia), an association of couriers from several countries in Asia.

In the next development, JNE focused more on the development of courier service in Indonesia and focused on the domestic market. It was characterized by the purchase of two buildings that had been used as special buildings for the JNE Center.  If you want to know more about JNE, you can contact the JNE call center number.

Advantages of Sending Goods Using JNE

JNE service as one of the top courier services in Indonesia offers a variety of advantages. The first advantage is that the customer service has excellent resource quality and can respond quickly to various issues from consumers. This will make you comfortable with clear service.

Judging by JNE’s office branches, JNE has branches all over Indonesia. This makes it easier to find JNE even after business hours. This makes it easier for customers to send goods after they get off work.

It is of utmost importance to know that JNE offers a money-back guarantee or guarantee in the event that the delivery of goods exceeds the specified limits. To make it easier to communicate warranty issues, you need to save your JNE call center number. Through this number, you can request a refund of the money you want to transfer according to the applicable procedure.

Also, JNE offers different types of offers to delivery services, so you don’t have to stick to just one type of JNE service. So, it can be adjusted to your needs and finances as well. JNE provides a reliable tracking system and is easy to track the process, so you don’t have to worry during the delivery process.

The process of sending documents via JNE is also fairly secure as it provides a special package for sending documents. This package ensures safe delivery and does not lose a single document in the process. Therefore, JNE offers many services in the process of transporting goods from one region to another.

The payment methods offered are also diverse. Please start with cash on delivery (cash on delivery) or pay directly on the spot when the item arrives. You can also use e-money or e-wallet in the transaction process. This way, you won’t have to stick to one payment option.

JNE Call Center Number   You Need to Know

As one of the largest and most trusted freight forwarding providers, JNE offers users the opportunity to discuss JNE through its call center, submit a complaint or find complete information.  You can contact JNE by the call center number  (021) 29278888.

Through the call center provided, it will be easier to find various information about JNE. Anytime you start with information, JNE provides services and is open anytime, anytime. You can also request a variety of attractive JNE promotions through the call center provided by the company.

The most important thing is that the call center provides a service to receive complaints from customers. Therefore, for those who have problems with the JNE service, you can also contact the JNE call center number and file a complaint. In fact, you can also give suggestions directly so that you can make the given waiter better.

Types of Plans Offered by JNE

JNE offers a variety of packages that you can use to ship your products. The first package is YES, which stands for Yakin Tomorrow Until. As the name suggests, this package provides delivery services the next day from the delivery process that was performed. Including holiday time, this type of package also remains valid.

The second type of package is the REG or Regular package. This package provides goods delivery service to all of Indonesia, minimum time of arrival is 1 day and maximum arrival time is 7 days. This depends on the distance traveled from one area to another.

Due to regular delivery, we accept delivery only on weekdays. Another condition is that no refund will apply to this package. To find out where the goods sent with this package have arrived, you can check using the tracking system provided by JNE or contact the JNE call center number.

OK or economical shipping is the following types of packages: As per the name of the package, this type provides a shipping offer at a little cost. However, it affects the delivery period which is longer than a regular package. Including Sundays and holidays, we do not accept delivery.

Another type is the SS or SuperSpeed package. This type provides delivery or delivery of goods in a fast and express delivery time, as agreed. The process of shipping goods in this package is up to 24 hours after the trading process is executed. You can also call the JNE call center number to check.

Diplomats and JTRs are the following types of packages: The diplomat’s package is dedicated to the delivery of documents. On the other hand, a JTR or JNE tracking package is a package that provides delivery services for large quantities of goods. For more information about JNE packages, contact the JNE Call Center.

As a provider of freight forwarding services, JNE is certainly one of Indonesia’s idols and bestsellers. Its wide branches and coverage in almost every region of Indonesia make it even more trustworthy. Any problems you discover while using this service can be contacted by the JNE Call Center number.

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