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Anyone can contact the 24-hour DKI Bank Call Center number. Its presence makes it very easy for users when they need more information. Since it is not available throughout the city, its presence is popular only in the capital. JUDGING BY HIS AGE, BANK DKI ITSELF IS NOT NEW.

The first financial company was established in 1961. The founder himself is the state government of DKI Jakarta. Its presence is expected to contribute to the economic growth of the inhabitants of the capital. As a bank, a large amount of capital has been issued since its establishment. It is noteworthy that the initial capital alone is about 4 trillion rupiah.

When we come here, the users of this bank continue to hack, and due to the large number of users, development in various fields continues. But the problem is that some customers feel confused when they’re only part of the bank. If you encounter this issue, you can contact the 24-hour DKI Bank call center number .

Choosing a Bank DKI Call Center to Contact

If you want to communicate with BANK DKI, you can contact several numbers. The first contact is his official call center. The official call center can be contacted at any time. This number is active 24 hours a day, Monday through Sunday. The number itself is 150-0351.

In addition to calling the number, customers can also contact customer service. Customer service is number 021-806-55555. The contact is just different from the 24-hour DKI Bank call center number. It is only accessible on weekdays and working hours. If you’re not working hours, you can select the previous number.

However, both numbers are not free when contacted. To contact him, someone will have to bear the cost. This fee is taken from the credit you have. The presence of a phone package is not available. This is because the numbers above are not from any particular provider. Actually, it is better to contact them by landline.

By contacting him by landline, communication can be carried out at no extra charge. The fixed fee itself is fixed monthly, so there is no additional cost. That being said, the only downside to 24-hour DKI bank call center numbers is that they are not free.

If you want to make it easier, you can communicate via email. Of course, if you contact him by email, there is no cost. The email from the DKI bank itself is callcenter@bankdki.co.id. However, the downside of contacting them by email is that it takes a long time. I can’t communicate quickly such as by phone.

This is because the customer himself has to wait until the bank can write an answer and solve the problem. In addition to email, the last way to communicate with his party is by fax. The fax number is 021-806-55500. Although rarely used by customers, its existence still exists as a form of expectation.

This service can be used at the time of inquiry.

When contacting the 24-hour DKI Bank Call Center number, you need someone you need. Of course, the staff who call us will be happy to assist you if your request is in line with the services provided. Not all bank problems can be solved through a call center. This is because the call center itself has service limitations.

The first service available is ATM card blocking. This service is indeed very necessary and should be done quickly. This is to ensure that ATMs are not used by others. Typically, customers experience this issue for several reasons. The reason is like an ATM being lost and swallowed up until someone steals it.

When it comes to blocks, of course, the relationship isn’t just about ATM cards. Some customers usually want to block JakOne’s Mbanking service. This activity can also be performed when contacting the 24-hour DKI Bank call center number. This service is definitely available 24 hours a day.

It’s just that the call center doesn’t provide these services to anyone. There is a process to confirm in advance that the caller is actually you. Therefore, before contacting us, be sure to collect personal data such as accounting books and ID cards. This should be done to make the communication process smoother.

In addition to requesting something, you can also contact DKI Bank’s call center number 24 hours a day to file some complaints. The complaint itself may be related to several things. First complaints such as ATM transactions and some facilities. There are many problems that consumers often face, such as money transfers, but money does not reach consumers.

In fact, the balance of the account is decreasing. You may also file complaints about the e-channel service. E-channel services from BANK DKI itself range from JakOne Mobile, CMS, to JakCard. Typically, this issue is related to server downtime. By contacting the call center, the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

Various types of information can also be acquired.

You can also contact DKI Bank’s call center number around the clock when you want to get information. There is a variety of information available to you. The first information is related to balances and transactions. However, in order to know the balance and transactions, you also need detailed knowledge of personal accounts.

In addition, there are also people who are often confused when looking for a branch when they are in a new place. If this makes it difficult, contacting CS is also an option. Just let them know your location first and ask for the location of the nearest branch.

You can also get knowledge of programs and promotions from banks. Development is always carried out by such companies. This development has certainly taken the form of many new programs aimed at improving services to consumers. By contacting CS, you can get a description of such a program in detail.

In addition to the program, you can also gain knowledge about promotions. Bank DKI itself is not responsible for providing promotions. Usually, promotions are carried out in large quantities and bring great benefits to consumers. If the latest promotions are not known, it will be very harmful. Promotions also require a validity period.

Therefore, you need to know as soon as possible so that you can use your knowledge about it before it runs out. There are also third parties with whom we cooperate. These third parties such as multi-purpose credits or novice Monas credits. CS also has detailed knowledge about third parties.

No need to hesitate to contact the call center

If you have a problem and feel it needs to be resolved, call DKI Bank’s call center number 24 hours a day. You don’t have to be shy or hesitant because you feel that the problem you are facing is small and doesn’t need to be asked. Each form of question is answered to the fullest. Also, the very existence of CS is intended to be such a condition.

Therefore, they are used to facing complaints as you have experienced. It is not appropriate to have problems on your own and find a way only by browsing the Internet. There is a lot of invalid data on the internet that is lined up with valid data. It is dangerous to get invalid data.

In a call center, users will definitely be easier in solving various problems. In addition, its presence is also evidence that BANK DKI is not confused in serving consumers. Just in case, keep your DKI Bank call center number on your personal mobile phone 24 hours a day.

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