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Learn how to move your Indosat quota easily and easily

For those of you who use Indosat,  there are several ways to move Indosat quota that not many people know about. The approach is very simple and straightforward, although currently the need for internet quota is very important and must be met.  Without an Internet package, it is difficult to communicate with others.

Therefore,  you  need to have a smartphone and an Internet data plan here, as well as a smooth connection to communicate well at all times. Nowadays, using the Internet is very helpful for people to use their daily activities. Therefore, you need to choose when you choose the Internet map.

Learn how to  move Indosat Quote

As is known, on the Internet, many people can easily communicate with each other, even when they are far away. It is certainly quite easy compared to the past, when the Internet was not yet invented. As we know in today’s world, the Internet is needed in everyday life.

As a result, it is now necessary to support the current use of the Internet in order to support the frequency of long-distance communication. If you have a smartphone but don’t have an internet data plan, it is certainly difficult to communicate. Therefore, a quota transfer service feature is needed to make it easier for users.

Indosat Ooredoo has an Internet data transmission service that makes it easier for its users to make transactions or communications.  So, why choose indo sat? This is because this provider provides various types of data packages that are cheap and affordable.

Not only that, the signal from Indosat  is also very strong and fast for those of you who live in urban areas.   However, it is possible that those  who live in the countryside will not be able to use this service by the provider. In this article, we will discuss how Indosat quota can be easily transferred.

Indosat  ooredoo is known as a fairly popular provider and already has many users. This is because Indosat is known to have an extensive network and strong signals that naturally spread throughout Indonesia. In addition, Indosat ooredoo also offers a variety of interesting service features.

The transfer of quotas to each other is also owned by this well-known provider.  You can rely on Indosat as a provider that guarantees signal quality and service function.   You  can also transfer your data package to another operator only at Indosat Ooredoo.

The strange way of moving to Indosat is also very young and straight. In the short term, you can  send an Internet data packet packet to the transfer destination number. In addition, the transaction is turned off in the short term, so you do not have to wait long.

How the quota quota is transferred must also be known so that the transactions made can run smoothly according to your preferences.  For those of you who use Indosat, don’t worry if you run out of quota, you can still share it with friends, friends or family who are much different.

Carara Transfer Indosat Quota bawat SMS

Of course , you are looking for a quick way to send internet data package packages, one of which is via SMS. As for this method, it is quite simple and runs in the short term. The transaction process is usually faster when you use SMS,  it’s just that it requires a capital loan.

The way to move quota via SMS is to open the message inbox on any smartphone and then please open the blank text.   Next, enter the Gift Room in the specified “Extras” number of the selected package type.

Once you’ve completed all these steps, send  an SMS to 363. After  you transfer the quota to the destination number, do not forget to send a message to 363 for additional processing.

Then you can wait for the new SMS to appear  in your smartphone notification.  If the transaction is declared unsuccessful,  you can try it using the *123# service or the My IM3 app.

Transferring Indosat quota to Telkomsel

Unlike other providers in general, Indosat offers services and quota transfers to other operators without any problems. This kind of service is certainly desirable for everyone. Especially if you use Indosat, but relatives use Telkomsel.

Don’t worry, with Indosat you can  easily make this transaction. However, sending Internet Data packets from different network operators is very different from sending them to each other.  However, you  can  still enjoy this quota transfer service with various operators.

How to transfer dosat quota is free of charge  , so you  can use the *123# service or the My IM3 application directly.   When the quota is tired of smartphones,  your relationship with your loved ones will not be stopped  .

How to transfer Indosat quota for free

Please note that internet packages internet delivery packages are free and free. This certainly makes Indosat one of the best Internet providers that can make it easier for users to take advantage of its service features.

Where indosat ooredoo always  focuses on serving the pleasure and friendship of users in transacting and communicating  . The trick is to open the dial number and type *123#, then please press YES OR call.  You will have to wait a few minutes, a series of menus  will appear.

After the menu display is displayed, please select number 3. Then comes the menu again with the number 6. After that, you need to  select number 2 to choose a gift in the data pack.

Next, enter the desired destination of the transfer number and then click YES OR OK. Please wait a while for an SMS pop-up about the confirmation of sending quota to appear on your smartphone.

How to change Indosat tier for free

You can also  easily send internet data packages for free to Indosat providers. You only need to download the My im3 application, you can choose various types of attractive data packages at affordable prices.

Usually, to transfer the quota, you need to install the application on the smartphone, if it is already installed, please login and follow some steps below.

  1. First, open my installed im3 app.
  2. The available menu then appears immediately and directly.
  3. After that, a menu that can be shared is displayed.  Please choose in advance if necessary.
  4. After the package selection part is completed, you will need to  press the reward option button.
  5. Next, please enter the number  intended for quota transfer. If so, please click YES or SUBMIT.
  6. Also, make sure you select the “Buy” button and then click on the “Pay” button on the next option.
  7. The final stage will wait a while until the transaction process runs successfully. In general, confirmations are displayed in the form of SMS pop-ups that are regularly sent to your number. If the contents of the confirmation SMS indicate that the quota transfer process has been successfully sent.

If the quota becomes scarce, this step is very appropriate to rely on the fact that you can buy the quota again.   It is hoped that  several ways of changing the Indosat continent will be a reference  for those of you who are still confused about how to send data packages  to each other  or between different operators.

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