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Essential tools made with Gamallen West Java

This time, vital tools and vital tools made of bamboo  will be discussed    in Indonesia. Modern musical instruments do not appear in Indonesia Each mi region has its own traditional musical instruments, each of which has its own peculiarities and is very interesting in the way of playing in a certain history.

West Java has many local musical instruments and is one of the regions that is still held today. West Javanese folk music While talking about musical instruments, most of us must think about Angklong, and we cannot deny that Anklong is the most popular musical instrument.

But did you know that there are still many traditional West Javanese musical instruments that are still preserved today? All traditional musical instruments must be made of wood, bamboo, and copper, and each product inevitably affects the sound produced differently.

Therefore, we will review more about Gamalen in West Java, which is made of bamboo, wood, and copper. It’s a good idea to learn what Gamelan looks like in general and the history of its development in West Java.

Get to know Gamallen West Java

An important tool in West Java game play, and for many, what topic can be a question, but if we first know that the West Java Gamelan is known as degung, that’s great, and it’s a traditional music convention featuring a number of instruments.

Generally, xylophone, Kendanter, Kendang, Included are Rebb, Reng, flute degng, xylophone, bonerus, panerus, ganerus, gnglong, saron, saron, saron, saron.

For example, in Every Gamelan, the speed is more severe for Ballyonese games, the slower speeds for Javanese and West Javanese Gamelan Both are important tools in West Java games and are made from natural materials.

Historically, the word Diegon comes from the word Tumengg because officials really enjoyed Gamalian music at the time. Then there are other theories that address the origin of the term, such as something grand and honorable.

History of Gamaliel in West Java

 This article also discusses the history of the development of important tools in the West Javan Games. It is estimated that at the beginning of this century, Sondane Gamalan began to develop with 15 Gamalan devices throughout Java.

Of the 15 Gamalan devices, West Java has 5 Gamalan devices. Unfortunately, when the West Entered West Java, the exact news was reported. Although it has no information at all, the handwriting of Haiensa Kander Cancerisian in the 16th century documents that Mellen’s Game entered Sandia.

Changes to senden games occurred during its development, such as the addition of singing to the game that was once banned by regent Sianja RT. Wiranataku Suma V because he thought it became less serious and the essence of silence has disappeared, but the fact that Gameland West Java has now had its characteristics changed.

Tanner Sanders has a Gamelan Salendro or Pilot, Gamellan and Gamellen Tillu category. Gamallen renteng, known as the art category, the basis of Gamilian, and Gamallen, is often used as accompaniment music.

Gamallen made of bamboo

An important tool in West Java games, an important tool made of bamboo is a heat game tool. We must know that bamboo is the central theme in making this traditional game tool, and we will arrange the formation of a beam of notes that will later play the bamboo.

Celinbon game equipment is also made of bamboo or made of bamboo skin. Clay is used in parts, using one hand to type and play salemboon, while the other manages the sound.

Anchorage’s multitonal musical instruments are also made of bamboo and can be produced at double volumes to better suit your needs. It was easy to play until it was shaken, and the sound appeared and aroused suspicion because of the effect of bamboo and the fragments of the inner bamboo.

 There are not only three vital tools in the West Java game, but not only the three vital tools made of bamboo above, but also pipes, aram for men Bamboo products are certainly one of the natural materials that can produce a wide variety of sounds, according to the method used.

Gamaliel is made of metal

The West Java game is an important tool, and the first one made of metal is Saron. A special bat made of wood is used, the way to play it is to hit a metal knife with the right hand, while the left hand holds the former trunk.

Another tool is pollution, which is almost the same as the scabbard, which has two categories: Palog and Slendra. Although it has a harder sword, it is thinner than a scabbard, which is larger in size.

 An important tool will also be found in the Game of West Java, which is made of metal called Bonan. It contains several small gongs placed on an armored vest, each of which has the potential to produce a different tone when struck with milk.

In addition, there are still some tools made in the game Of West Javenines. There are still some instruments made of gongs, xylophones, xylophones, Kmpul, and most of the musical instruments made of metal are musical instruments that are played by being beaten with a special typewriter.

Gamalen made of wood

An important tool in the West Java game, a vital tool made of wood is that gamalielan drums have a function, and many types of Canadians are known, from small Canadians (Catipon) to Great Canadians.

Other instruments were previously made of copper, but now there are many rhythms made of wood similar to crosses. This method is the same as when playing modern devices, eliminating the violin tied by a special instrument.

In addition, there is another musical instrument called the Planter, a musical instrument played by selection. Although the sound is less attractive than other selective instruments, it is rarely played, since this instrument resembles a traditional Indian musical instrument.

Although the West Java Gamilian still contains many important tools, some of the above are the most popular devices. For those who are interested in the Dung game, it is important to know the essential tools in the West Java game and the vital tools made of bamboo above  .

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