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Call Center Standard Chartered Indonesia 24 Jam

This 24-hour Call Center of Standard Chartered Indonesia is indeed in high demand by consumers, especially those who have debit or credit cards. This is due to the large number of customers or consumers who experience problems in transactions. So that the role of this call center service is needed to help with troubleshooting.

Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, many people have to stay at home and avoid crowds. For this reason, all services related to standard complaints or complaints about charter cards will be provided online.

In addition, you can contact the call center service so that all complaints or complaints can be resolved immediately. So you don’t have to come to Standard Chartered to find a solution to the obstacles you’re experiencing. Now, a standard charter call center can help you overcome this obstacle.

So you can return to using the problematic standard charter product by simply contacting the information service center provided by the company. In addition, you are protecting yourself from the threat of covid-19, as all services are now based on digital technology.

List of complaints that can be resolved by Standard Chartered Indonesia Call Center 24 hours a day

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus outbreak in Indonesia, several large companies, including Standard Chartered, have optimized the role of call centers to deal with all the complaints and obstacles faced by consumers. Therefore, customers do not have to come to the office to face all the obstacles in using banking services.

Because the call center service will help customers overcome the problems they face. In general, the complaints experienced by such customers are not too deadly. Therefore, here is a list of complaints that can still be handled by the Standard Chartered Indonesia call center. Among them:

  1. ATM card swallowed inside the device

If the ATM card is swallowed in the device, you should not panic. Just contact Standard Chartered Indonesia’s 24-hour call center , which is on standby to help. Then let me know if your ATM card has been swallowed.


So all you have to do is come to the nearest branch to get a replacement ATM card. The condition is that it is enough to take your ID card or passport with you.



  1. Replacement of ATM cards due to loss and damage

If you want to replace your old ATM with a new one, it is recommended to contact the call center immediately. Then enter the ATM number. Then please bring a new ATM card at the nearest branch.


If the ATM card is lost, you need to bring a letter of loss issued by the police agency. It is also required to bring an ID card/passport and a savings book. Once considered valid, you will receive a replacement ATM card.


  1. Transaction failed

If the balance is deducted but the transaction is considered unsuccessful, it is recommended that you immediately contact the Standard Chartered Indonesia call center for 24 hours.


The goal is to obtain accurate information about the reasons for not completing the transaction. Do not forget that when contacting this call center, you need to attach proof of transaction (if any), time, date, location of the transaction, as well as the account number and ATM card number.

Estimated time needed to process a customer complaint

Once you have contacted Standard Chartered Bank’s call centre to inform you of any issues or complaints regarding the transaction, the bank will take the necessary steps.


Replacing a new Standard Chartered Indonesia ATM card takes about 14 business days. In addition, it also takes about 14 working days to process from the moment you contact the Standard Chartered Indonesia call center service 24 hours.


After contacting the call center service, you will receive an SMS notification regarding the complaint. And if the process of creating a new card has been completed, you will also receive an SMS notification regarding the receipt of a new ATM card.


Replacing a new Standard Chartered ATM card abroad will take at least 60 business days after contacting Standard Chartered Indonesia’s 24-hour call centre. The process is also almost the same in terms of the length of work on replacing the MasterCard Network ATM card.


Therefore, it is a good idea for consumers to keep ATM cards issued by Standard Chartered banks. Because the exchange of this new card takes a long time, i.e. from 14 days to 60 days (depending on the type of ATM card held by the consumer).


List of standard call centers in Indonesia that handle consumer complaints 24 hours a day

Standard Chartered Bank is an international company. So, the company provides quite a variety of call center services. There are 2 lists of 24-hour Standard Chartered Indonesia call centers that are active in handling consumer complaints. First, an interactive call center.


This call center is used by consumers on average in conveying problems. Because with this interactive mobile phone, consumers can complain directly. In addition, consumers also receive responses from call center employees without long delays.


Simply pay the fee to contact the Standard Chartered Indonesia call centre via the interactive telephone service. If your credit runs out, the connection will be lost halfway. Therefore, make sure you have a sufficient credit balance by contacting the call centre service from Standard Chartered.


Secondly, you can use the call center option from social media. To reach millennials, Standard Chartered has notified call centre officials to respond to all complaints and grievances made by consumers via social media such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


In this way, you can save expenses because there are no costs when contacting the Standard Chartered Indonesia call center 24 hours . It’s just that officers need more time than through interactive phone lines to respond to complaints or grievances through social media.


Therefore, it is advisable to contact the interactive telephone service in case of any important and urgent complaints. If you would like to ask questions or follow complaints, you can contact standard chartered call centre via social media.


How to contact Standard Chartered Indonesia Call Center Bank

If you want to contact the call center service of Bank Standard Chartered Indonesia, it is very simple. It should be noted that there are two methods of contacting the call center through an interactive telephone service. First, you can contact us by phone at 68000.


For those of you who use landlines, there are 5 24-hour Standard Chartered Indonesia call centers that are ready to go depending on where you live. It has been reported that there are 5 call centers, each of which is scattered in several large cities, namely Surabaya (031-5472888), Medan (061-4572888), Semarang (024-8450188), Jakarta (021-57999988) and Bandung (022-4219688).


You can also send an email via your personal email address to file a complaint or complaint with  You can also contact the call centre via social media at Standard Chartered Indonesia (Facebook) or StanCart (Twitter).


As one of the international banks in Indonesia, Standard Chartered certainly provides call center services to respond to all customer complaints and complaints. With this service, customers can immediately resolve issues or issues without having to go to the nearest branch office. Therefore, choose one of Standard Chartered Indonesia’s 24-hour call centres depending on the urgency of the obstacles you are experiencing.

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