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5 Ways to Contact Lenovo Service Center Update 2021

Lenovo is one of the biggest brands in the country. There are also many Lenovo service centers  that have been built in this country as a form of lenovo’s maximum service  for its customers. This certainly brings many benefits for you.

As we know, Lenovo products  are divided into smartphones, laptops and various other electronic products. Of course, you can repair all these products at the service center. But be sure to contact the service center first so you don’t take the wrong step.

So far, there are 5  most effective  ways to contact the call center wherever you are. Aphas just these ways. Ifmak explains in detail in the points below:

Contact the service center by e-mail

The first way  to do this is to contact  Lenovo’s service center  via email. To communicate via email, this method is also very easy.  You can easily do this via a smartphone or laptop.

But of course, there are steps you  need to take to contact the service center via email. For more information, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the email on your smartphone or browser
  2. To the destination of the content with the legal address of SC Lenovo in
  3. In the subject column, fill in the format “your  name – product type” without quotation marks
  4. In the content of the email, first enter your  biographical data such as name, place of birth, date, address, type of your Lenovo smartphone/laptop  , problems encountered
  5. Click Submit

Wait for the service center team to contact you afterwards. Usually, answers will be made within 1×24 hours on weekdays. But if you send an email on vacation, it looks like you have to wait until the business day to get a response. After receiving an email from you, Lenovo will provide you with other steps that can be taken.

Contact the service center by phone

Another way to  do this is to contact  the  Lenovo Service Center via the phone line. The method is also not difficult. If you are indeed in an area that already has a service center, you can contact the service center number in that area directly.

However, if there is no official service center in your  area,  you can contact the central service center office number on +62 21 3002 1000. The Lenovo Center    will ask you to proceed to the next steps. For toll-free services, you can also call 007-803-3315-108.

Or you can also call the number 021-5085-1755 for standard credit services. For Lenovo Ideapad users, you can contact the official office Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. WIB to 5:30 p.m. WIB. The same goes for Lenovo Thinkpad users.

Contact the service center via Medsos

Another way you  can take to contact this service center is via social media. Currently, Lenovo has provided several official social media accounts that you  can contact freely during working hours.

If you use  Twitter,  you can contact the Lenovo Service Center  team  through the Lenovo Indonesia  account  at twitter@Lenovo_ID. Simply communicate your needs directly with the CS team that uses the account.

In addition, you can also contact the service center team through the Lenovo Indonesia Instagram account  at instagram@Lenovoid. Just like Twitter, you can communicate directly with the team that holds the  official Lenovo account  .

You can also contact the service center on WhatsApp at +6221 50851766. This  will make it easier for you to communicate directly with the service center team that holds the number.

Contact the service center via live chat

In addition to the three methods mentioned above, you can also communicate with  the  Lenovo Service Center  team  via the live chat provided by Lenovo on its website. To access this live chat feature, you can go to Lenovo’s official website   on Lenovo https://.com and then click on the contact menu. At the bottom, just click on the Live Chat option.

You will be immediately redirected to a new page where you can chat with  the Lenovo team  . Simply communicate your needs and issues directly to the team that manages the live chat feature. They will direct you directly to the solution of the problem at hand.

By coming directly to the service center

If the above methods do  not give  you satisfaction, you can also go directly to service centers in different parts of the country. Not only in large cities, this service center has even entered remote areas.

This is proof that Lenovo itself has never messed up by providing services to its consumers. For more details , you can consult the list of service centers below:

  1. Lenovo Jakarta Service Center
  • Partner name: PT. Success of Interdata technology

Adresse: Complex Taman Semanan Indah Plaza De Lumina Blok A No.19, Duri Kosambi, Cengkareng.

Phone: 021-29030728

  • Nama Partner: Lenovo Smartphone Service Center

Adresse : Ambassador Ambassador MallAmbassador Mall Lt. 2 Blok B No. 37, Jakarta

Phone: 021-5762539

  • Nama Partner: Lenovo Smartphone Service Center

Adresse: Roxy Mas ITC Roxy Mas Lt. 4 No. 18, Jl. Kyai Hasyim Ashari, Central Jakarta.

Phone: 021-6319647

  • Partner Name: Pacific Agung Trijaya

Alamat : Komplek Gading Bukit Indah Blok TA 10-11, Jalan Gading Bukit Raya, Jakarta

Phone: 021-29450966

  1. Centre de service  Lenovo West Java

2.1.      Partner Name: Lenovo Service Center Bandung (Primalayan)

Address: Ruko Paskal Hypersquare Blok C 26

Phone: 0271-729911

2.2.      Partner name: ITSC Bandung

Address: Ruko Triangle Mas Blok A3

Phone: 022-91139756

2.3.      Nama Partner: IBM An’s Comp

Adresse : Jl Pagongan No. 120, Cirebon

Phone: 0231-226612

2.4.      Partner Name: Lenovo Service Centre Cirebon

Adresse : Jalan Kesambi Baru RW.05 No.28

Phone: 0231-231384

  1. Lenovo Central Java Service Center

3.1.      Nama Partner: Lenovo Smartphone Service Center

Adresse : Ruko Citraland Blok B No.11, Jalan Sipelem Raya, Tegal

Phone: 0283-340909

3.2.      Partner name: ITSC Purwokerto Indokom

ALamat : Ruko Satria Plaza Blok A No. 1, Jalan Jend Sudirman, Purwokerto

Phone: 0281-621700

3.3.      Nama Partner: Lenovo Smartphone Service Center

Adresse : Jalan Overste Isdiman 17B, Purwokerto / Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan No.30B, Gandasuli, Purwokerto

Phone: 0281-6512451

3.4.      Partner Name: Lenovo Service Center Semarang (Primalayan)

Adresse: Ruko Peterongan Plaza Blok A-10, Jalan MT. Haryono No.719, Wonodri, Semarang

Phone: 024-8413250


  1. Lenovo Yogyakarta Service Center

4.1.      Nama Partner: Lenovo Smartphone Service Center

Adresse: Ramai Shopping Mall Lt. 2 No. A26, Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 73, Yogyakarta

Phone: 0274-557015

4.2.      Partner name: Primalayan Yogyakarta (Datascrip)

Adresse: Ruko Niaga, Jalan Gajah Mada No. 21 23, Pakualaman

Phone: 0274 510737

4.3.      Partner Name: Lenovo Service Center Yogyakarta (Primalayan)

Adresse: Ruko Yap Square Blok B8, Jalan C. Simanjuntak Jogyakarta

Phone: 0274-3159220

  1. Centre de service  Lenovo East Java

5.1.      Partner name: Primalayan Madiun

Adresse : Jalan S. Parman No.38 F, Oro-oro Ombo, Kartoharjo, Madiun

Phone: 0351 500155

5.2.      Nama Partner: Lenovo Smartphone Service Center

Adresse : MASTECH Blok F11 (Maspion Square), Jl. A. Yani 78, Surabaya

Phone: 031-8477889

5.3.      Partner name: Plaza Bitcom

Adresse : Jalan PB Sudirman No.60, Patrang, Jember

Phone: 0331-481822

To learn more about other service center addresses, you can go  to Lenovo’s official website at  https://support. There will be clearly listed all Lenovo service centers  that are official and recognized by Lenovo Indonesia.


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