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BTN Call Center helps solve your banking   problem

As a central bank customer, BTN  can be a solution when you encounter problems. Customers can solve  smuggling Prohibitions that are rarely thorny in bank management using only one phone without having to come to the branch office.

Customer calls are not contacted only when a customer encounters a complaint. This facility can be used by customers To discuss or ask about the issue of creating an account, some even use them to find out the latest information in the bank.

Rarely can a BTN call centre be the solution to so many complaints.You can talk about this loan until the AT problem M is gone. These problems can be easily solved when customers use these features effectively.

However, some customers are unfamiliar with customer service numbers.This has enabled some people to apply to the bank Below is how to contact BTN Bank’s call center, which customers can contact.

BTN Bank Central Call Latest No. 2021

BTN Bank is one of the services provided to customers to deal with complaints relating to phone banking By calling 1,500 286, customers will be directly linked to customer service provided by BTN Bank.

The BTN call center can fulfill your complaint for a full 24 hours. So customers can still call When there is a problem outside office   hours. For example, when you lose goods and  ATMs, then call the number to manage.

Some smaller cases, such as confirmation and atM loss reports, can be addressed directly without the need to come to branch offices. so if If you withdraw a case of loss of ANM, a customer can come to the office immediately to get an ATM without having to run the administrative process.

Customers should be patient if they do so during office hours for problems with the speed and accuracy of the call. call The phone probably stops in a queue when so many people are connected at the same time. you can avoid this by calling when office time is running out.

As a smart customer,  you should record the center’s phone number. Because when there is a problem with savings Your first step to take  is to call the numbers. Do not hesitate and report any complaints that occur as soon as possible.

How much BTN call centres charge customers

Call services can be done by anyone, both customers and not customers. The value of this call is not really free and  should be received The total value is consistent with the rates from telecommunications providers used by customers, so BTN does not set a fixed fee.

For some things, calls can be expensive but can be free. If you have a phone remuneration on this number, When contacted by BTN Bank, there is no order. But when it is a long and long business, you need to be prepared for a higher  loan.

Technically, BTN call centres are free but callers are still being charged  phone bills by telemetry operators Telecommunications for telephone callers. The bank  itself  does not get  any money from your phone because the service is  used to solve customer proprietary problems.

Customers who have savings with BTN Bank won’t suffer from reduced savings balances when making the call.So don’t worry about Customers’ phones because the bank does not pay. The telecommunications  operator who is obliged to give you a telephone cost.

Customers are generally reluctant to make phone calls because they fear their savings will be reduced while at work This is certainly not true because the bank has not done this. The customer has the right to contact when a problem arises in his or her account.

No matter how fast you report,  when a  problem occurs  , the bank can solve quickly. The banking problems that are allowed to drag are It is  usually harder to handle than ever before. So as an intelligent customer you need to report quickly if  there is a difference.

BTN Syria Call Center latest 2021

As a strategic business unit of BTN Bank, the number of customer phones is similar to traditional BTN. If you have savings in a bank BTN Sayyaiah and want to make a complaint call, please contact 1,500 286. When you contact him, you will transfer to the Sharia department.

The cost of calls made by the customer also varies depending on the operations of that customer’s communications service provider.So you can  pay Fees are available, or it will be free depending on a telephone account. The duration of the call also affects the amount of expenses an individual makes to contact the bank.

BTN Shriya Call Centre also has providers to call customers 24 hours outside office hours. So you don’t have to worry when working generally Phones outside office hours when there are problems with the account. Customer service will meet your needs as effectively as possible.

It should be noted that this customer service is used by many customers.  So you need  to be patient while your call is waiting. The server can cloud Full because there are many customers contacting the bank. Again for a while if this happens.

The most recommended hour to make a call will be available at six p.m. if you want the line to stay quiet. During this time, usually Very few customers call customers. So you can make faster calls to customer service.

Never hesitated to make a call for a complaint to the bank. customers have rights and should report immediately if there is an impasse In his account. the bank absolutely guarantees the safety and convenience of the customer, so  don’t hesitate to report  your complaints.

Other numbers that can be contacted other than btn call centre

In addition to using  a BTN bank call center, you  can also use the official phone numbers of  some branches If you call on the vessel on this line, the chances of standing down are lower. The number of branches can also be used to solve problems more quickly.

Contact your city branch if you actually have an emergency complaint such as an ATM loss or fraudulent activity. customers may have holding services Serenity tea if they call a branch office number.You  can get a number directly to the office or ask for a central phone number.

It should be understood that the branch office’s phone is only used for the urgent purposes of the branch’s customers.So make sure you contact The same branch of savings accounts. For example, if you have savings at the Succolilo Surabaya branch, call the branch.

If you call different branches, you can divert customers to other branch contacts. To maintain the effective efficiency of customer calls. If too many communications are saved, the service may be inappropriate.

Banking problems are certainly simple and easy to solve if a customer uses the right route.You don’t have to worry if there are faults or problems in the account Please contact the BTN call center to report  the complaint or come directly to the nearest  branch office.


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