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West Javanese Cireng Recipes Can Be Created As You Like

Typical receiver in West Java a lot of people are trying to find him.   Untreated food scenes have long had a place at the heart of food. This processed food, of course, has its own history of the day development it creates in a variety of other preparations.

But there are all good few  special  tricks that you really need to understand well in order to succeed in making delicious scenes. Usually the problem that is often found is when the condition of the sergeant is cold then turns hard so that it’s hard to eat. This of course can happen because the processing process is not good.

Applying the West Javanese recipe correctly won’t be enough, but you still have to know various other appropriate ways. In this way the sergeant you do will definitely not fail and can enjoy as an interesting snack in the afternoon. Moreover, this snack is really interesting to try even though many people have  sold it on the market.

Stories of Cireng Snacks, West Java

Actually, this scene has existed since around 1970 and is used as a road snack at that time. Seller are street vendors so they can get easy in many places. The process of this food is also basically very simple because it is only from flour, fried, then served with the addition of its signature spice.

But usually all typical food from various regions of Indonesia has their own stories that are also interesting for you to know. In West Java, especially Bandung, it is known that many types of snacks from tapioca flour matthew first, in addition to cigarettes. Even these foods are famous in several other regions.

At that time, it was really hard for people in West Java to get food ingredients like bread, wheat, rice. Therefore, they are looking for ways to make snacks that may well be received by various walks of life. From there, the west Javanese recipe was made for the first time.

This food was chosen because the basic ingredients are processed flour from cassava. Then the longer it ends, the more processed cassava flour becomes a variety of snacks , of course, exciting and affordable for the surrounding community to get. For example, many people know them as retrieves, seblaks, or others.

A different feature of this food is to use abbreviation as its naming. This is indeed due to the trend of models thinking people in West Java to be simpler and simpler. In this way choose to give an abbreviated name to the food as one of them is this sergeant.

Recipe for making simple snacks

Indeed, there are many recipe sergeants typical developers in West Java, but you have to pay close attention to that one that is the most appropriate. So you can try applying recipes that are considered as the most suitable to be used as a hold of indigenous foods.

You need to mix starch, all-purpose flour, and handfuls of sliced until smooth. Then it is also added with celery and fine garlic as an additional furry in the flavor. It can also provide additional flavor, pepper, and salt as seasoning so that the flavor of the sergeant will be more stable.

The mixture should knee up using hot water and stir kindness. You have to make sure Sgt Javanese’s recipe  was mixed well and completely mashed. After that, it remains only form the flour that is ready to become a tree shape or according to your respective creations and desires so that the result is also unique.

When finished, just fry the flour with hot oil. Actually, it is quite easy and you can add seasoned rojak, sambel, or other cocolan according to their respective flavors as a companion when eating cigarettes later. Of course, it will be even more interesting if you can find your own creations for the coconuts.

Cireng performs tricks without fail

In the typical West Javanese recipe , of course, there is a separate secret that you can try to apply for later results will not fail. In this case, of course, it is more about the technique of processing the flour until it is fried so later it doesn’t get hard. So that later it can be eaten comfortably by anyone, especially accompanied by a slightly more delicious glyam so that it is more delicious.

To make a flour mixture, it’s a good idea to use hot water. This suggestion aims to make the flour become more mixed with the maximum and later it can be like glue. This delicious pasta produced makes the delicious dry and managed not difficult even though it’s already in a cold condition after frying.

Also, avoid stirring the flour for too long because this will make it harder as well. Just make sure the flour is made until smooth, just tasted. In addition, make sure that the recipe Sgt Javanese that you make is all the right dose is correct so that it can produce a taste according to every expectation.

Another trick that you can try when forming the flour in rounds is pouring your hands and flour. This method helps you to be easier when forming it and doesn’t feel warm in hand. If you want the result to be crisper later, then you can also pour the finished flour again with flour before then fry.  Don’t forget to also make sure that the oil is really hot and makes a deep fry technique on the dough.

Unique and Interesting Cireng Recipe Creations

Currently, there are many various emerging creations from  the existing basic recipes to West Javanese recipe sergeant. Of course, so you also have many options to develop according to your individual tastes. The cocolan or soups that are used as a friend of this treat scene are also diverse, from seasonal rojak, super prep chilli sauce, seblak soup, to meat soups.

Even today, what’s largely done is not only the cocolan or soups that are created, but also the addition of the crisp dough. You can make rice scenes or crammed saints that are provided additional ingredients such as chicken, sausage, tofu, fish. It all depends on how you get creative with the recipe and make new preparations from this flour ingredient.

It will definitely be very fun if you get a typical sgt recipe from West Java new and then much liked by others. Of course, this can be a promising business opportunity that is also profitable for you to develop. It has its own modern sergeant recipe as a creation in the kitchen that can also be enjoyed by those closest to you.

This snack is really delicious to enjoy along with tea or other drinks while gathering with family or other closet families. It even becomes a promising business opportunity if you can treat it well. So there’s no need to stick to existing traditional Javanese recipes , but try to discover new things from this popular snacks.

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